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July 24, 2008, 5:41 pm
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Demand for all services by Valley Metro Regional Public Transportation Authority increased to the highest levels ever recorded in June as gasoline surpassed $4 a gallon and Maricopa County recorded more high pollution advisories in a single month than it did during all of last year.

Ridership on commuter Express bus routes rose 40 percent year-over-year to top 9,000 boardings in June, while new registrants in Valley Metro’s online carpool partner matchlist grew 380 percent year-over-year. Currently, there are more than 7,100 commuters in the database who are looking to share the ride.

Valley Metro’s website-which allows visitors to map a bus trip, purchase online fare, and find a carpool or vanpool partner-also saw enormous spikes in demand. Page views of increased 156 percent year-over-year in June to more than 1.38 million views.

Gas Prices Past the Tipping Point

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