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New resources for Greater Phoenix Area Job Seekers.

The non-profit community support group formerly known as “Scottsdale Job Network” is expanding to cover much more of the valley of the Sun and is re-branding to SJN.

Phoenix Jobs resources have been added to the SJN Blog.

Some of the featured resources include, the Scottsdale Job Network Phoenix Jobs Job Board and the City of Phoenix Phoenix Jobs at

Please stop by and take a look. We think you will find some of these SJN resources valuable in your job search.

Plan to visit us at our next meeting on TUES, SEPT 4, 2007
Guest speaker:
Robert Meade,
Recruiting Manager
DBL Distributing LLC
(480) 422-7763

Learn about this actively growing Scottsdale company, its history, products and services, growth plans, and staffing needs. Rob will discuss strategies to learn the skills hiring managers are seeking and how to communicate those skills effectively during an interview.

Meetings are held on the first and third TUESDAY mornings, from 9:00-11:30 AM. We are a community group that meets at and uses space provided free of charge by:

Temple Chai
4645 East Marilyn Road
Phoenix, Arizona 85032

Temple Chai is centrally located just east of the Piestawa Freeway (Route 51) and south of the loop 101. Marilyn Road is just west of Tatum Blvd. between Thunderbird and Greenway Roads.

Meetings are open to the public.

There are no meeting fees or membership dues.
We appreciate donations to cover our operating costs.

SJN is a non-profit community group of business leaders and volunteers. We are not a job placement forum, and we do not match candidates to openings nor do we send resumes to employers or recruiters. There is no guarantee of employment either directly through this group or as a result of association with SJN.

We do, however, provide education in the job search process and all attendees have the opportunity to meet and work with people who offer support and guidance during employment transition.

Visit SJN Here.

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Aaron Matos at Arizona Professional Recruiters Association (APRA)

posted Thursday, June 28, 2007 1:52 PM

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ARIZONA Aaron Matos, CEO and Founder of spoke at the last breakfast meeting of the Arizona Professional Recruiters Association (APRA) on Wednesday, June 20. The topic was “Blogs. Videos. Social Networking. Relationship Recruiting. Using Web 2.0 to Hire Better Candidates Faster than Your Competition.”Aaron’s talk was met with enthusiasm from the room full of recruiters. It appeared that many of them were not yet exploiting or making use of many of the tools and techniques that he described.

Some of the more memorable bits of wisdom that Aaron imparted included these:

“Recruiting is the most competitive sport.”
– Aaron Matos

Aaron described his history in the recruiting business and how he came to found

When asked about linkedin as a tool for recruiting he had this to say:

LinkedIn is huge with recruiters”
– Aaron Matos

That was probably the biggest understatement of the entire talk.

“You can’t hire people who don’t know you’re hiring”
– Aaron Matos

“You can’t hire people who don’t think of your company as a place for them.”
– Aaron Matos

The two quotes above remind me of a famous quote from a book written by a friend. It is so important that it is printed inside the front cover of his book “The Perception of a Difference” and it says this:

“I cannot buy from you until I know you exist.”
Wes Zimmerman

Finding a job is a marketing and sales process just as recruiting is.

Jim Clark, a Scottsdale Job Network volunteer who works for Odysseyware asks the crowd at the beginning of each meeting of the Scottsdale Job Network

“How many people here are not sales people?”

Those who raise their hands are asked to stand up.

“Raise your right hand and repeat after me …” says Jim.

“I, am a sales person. I sell the most important product in the world, myself.”

I wonder how many of the recruiters out there reading this do not think they are sales people?

Bill Austin

AZhttp, Inc.

Scottsdale Job Network