Phoenix Arizona

Photo exhibition details dam construction by quotes

Photo exhibition details dam construction




TEMPE, Ariz. – “Those Dam Builders: A Photographic Essay of Central
Arizona Dam Construction” will be on display from 8 a.m.-5 p.m., Monday
through Friday (except holidays) from Sept. 22 through March 16 at the
Tempe City Hall Gallery, 31 E. Fifth St.


Admission is free.


The exhibition highlights a collection of photographs donated to the
Tempe Historical Museum by Raymond Carrington in 1998. The photographs
document the construction of the dams built along the Salt and Verde
rivers between 1906 and 1946.


Coupled with these photographs are first-hand accounts of the dam
construction process and its workers, plus additional photographs from
the Salt River Project Archives and History Center. This exhibition
tells the story of who worked on the dams, where these laborers lived
and what it took to raise these dams.


Today, about 65 percent of the water distributed in the Salt River
Valley by Salt River Project comes from the reservoirs behind the
Roosevelt, Mormon Flat, Horse Mesa, Stewart Mountain, Bartlett and
Horseshoe dams. Surface water and groundwater travel through open canals
in the Phoenix metropolitan area to agricultural, urban and municipal


The population growth and economic success of our cities could not have
happened without these water reclamation projects.



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