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Homeless Emergency Overflow Situation by quotes

Homeless Emergency Overflow Situation

There is a critical need in Maricopa County to find space to provide overflow shelter for Homeless women and families. At this time, there are approximately 90 homeless women and 20 homeless families in the Phoenix area in need of such assistance. We are trying to assist the Human Services Campus with trying to find space to shelter these homeless groups and are reaching out to Faith Based Groups for their assistance.

Here are some the general specifications for the overflow shelter space :

  • Space that can accommodate 20-30 women or 10-15 families with mats or cots. Area should be secure with minimal exit doors. Staffing for overnight security will need to be supplied.
  • If you have need for the space you would during the day, guests could arrive around 6:00p.m. and leave facility around 7:00a.m.
  • Transportation would need to be supplied by bus or van. Guests would be transported to a central location (mostly likely to the Human Services Campus at 1209 W. Madison in Phoenix for daily services) .
  • A kitchen area that can provide the morning meal and snacks during the evening is preferred..
  • Expected duration would be around April 1-November 15.

If your faith-based group may be interested in working on this much needed effort, please call Ken Einbinder at 602-379-7103 as soon as possible.


Jannah Scott

Policy Advisor, Faith and Community Initiatives

Office of Governor Janet Napolitano

1700 W. Washington Street

Phoenix, AZ 85007


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